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Grand Slam Finalist

Tennis is a lifelong sport, which provides many advantages and benefits for players of all ages. 

Developing your tennis game is an excellent way to improve fitness, strength, agility and cognitive skills,


Play for fun or competitively, meet new friends and test your skills on the court.


"The lessons have helped me improve my game and increased my confidence.  It enables me to keep up with the kids so we can all play tennis together as a family... I would not give it up and it brings me alot of enjoyment and makes my week"

Maria Pini

"I have made some really great friends and each week we learn more and more about the game... We have all made huge improvements with Lena's expert coaching"

Sue O'Neil

"We all have a great time whilst we improve our tennis Lena is a kind a patient teacher and makes our lesson fun and enjoyable"

Maria Kwei

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